Metrix4Media is built on a solid foundation of PPC and tracking technologies, which is leveraged to deliver first in class Search Engine Marketing and performance tracking services to your advertisers. Having built the in house technologies from the ground up we understand your customers’ needs and what it takes to deliver superior SEM across the Search Engines.

Our use of reverse proxy technologies coupled with our suite of performance tracking tools used when managing each Search Engine Marketing campaign, allows us to make results based optimization decisions for your customers advertising campaigns. Continue reading

PPC Mobile

Through use of the latest SEM tools and features, like site links and ad extensions for mobile devices, our SEM products deliver the extra edge that differentiates top performers from the mediocre, resulting in a direct impact in campaign performance.

Included in our search engine marketing campaigns, mobile PPC provides the same flexibility and profitability capabilities desktop PPC offers, but in one of the fastest growing Internet channels that exist in today’s world of search.  Mobile ads increase reach to today’s internet savvy, “on the go” consumers, allowing “Click to Call” functionality instantly to the targeted audience’s fingertips-Literally! Continue reading

PPC Management is a dominant force in today’s digital advertising world. Its growth over the years has proven to be an important, effective, and acknowledged one. What is PPC Management you ask? PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Management is a paid form of advertising that embodies managing and optimizing search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns across search engines such as Google, Bing, and ASK to achieve maximum conversions and exposure. PPC Management is simply finding and using the right balance of techniques to attract the intended audience’s attention. Continue reading

Analytics Pudding?


Sure, it sounds a bit odd. It is a play on a saying I use to hear growing up, possibly a southern thing, “The proof is in the pudding”. Like most things, the saying is not original in it’s self. A quick internet search provides the probable original: “The proof of the pudding is in eating”. A phrase that basically states that something has to be utilized in order to prove value.

Let’s examine this concept. Too many internet advertisers are out there looking for the value from their online efforts and guessing on how to do that. They are trying to make pudding but don’t have a recipe. Analytics is a recipe the provides the ingredients to make something great and really serve up some delicious value. That said, the term “analytics” or “the science of analysis”  by it’s self can be very confusing. Continue reading